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Our hotel adheres to guidelines for the operation of hotels during the COVID-19 epidemic in Poland in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry of Development in consultation with the GIS from 28.04.2020.

We provide security in the facility by:

  1. Providing dispensers with liquid hand disinfectants available to guests at the hotel: at the entrance to the premises, in the reception area, at the entrance to elevators, catering outlets and at the exit from the toilets.
  2. Displaying in sanitary and hygienic rooms instructions for washing hands, removing and putting on gloves, removing and putting on the mask and instructions for proper hand disinfection at dispensers with disinfectant liquid.
  3. Monitoring of daily cleaning works, with particular emphasis on disinfecting touch surfaces – handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, chair handrails and flat surfaces
  4. Minimizing the guest’s service time at the reception.
  5. Ongoing disinfection of common areas: toilets, lifts, reception counter (after each guest), door handles, handrails, handles, phones, computer keyboards, social facilities and other frequently touched surfaces.
  6. Precise dosing of professional cleaning agents.
  7. Thorough cleaning of rooms and disinfection of all touch surfaces (including chair backs), equipment (e.g. remote controls) and bathrooms as well as airing of the rooms
  8. Equipping the cleaning staff with disposable face masks and gloves
  9. Ban on the use of hotel blow dryers in bathrooms
  10. Designation and preparation (including personal protective equipment and disinfectant fluid) of a room in which it will be possible to temporarily isolate a person in the event of disease symptoms.
  11. Placing in the hotel reception and corridors the necessary phone numbers for sanitary and epidemiological stations and medical services.