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Hotel Regulations
Student Hotel Staff will appreciate your cooperation in observing the hotel rules and regulations, which are aimed at ensuring peaceful and safe stay of our guests.  
§ 1
  1. Upon check-in, the hotel Guest is obliged to present to the Receptionist a proof of identity with a photograph confirming his/her identity. If the Guest refuses to produce such a document making it impossible for the Receptionist to check him/her in, the Receptionist has the right to refuse to rent a room.
  2. In the registration card the Guest personally fills in his/her full name and signs it. On the Guest’s request, the Receptionist is obliged to enter the remaining details from the identity document which, for that purpose, the Guest may leave at the reception.
  3. Commencement of stay in the hotel is equivalent to acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.
§ 2
  1. Rooms in the hotel are rented by the hotel night.
  2. If the Guest does not specify the length of the stay while renting a room, and did not make a prior reservation, it is assumed that the room is rented for one night.
  3. The hotel night starts from 14:00 on the day of rent and finishes at 10:00 the following day.
  4. The Reception should be notified by the Guest of his/her wish to prolong the stay beyond the duration indicated on arrival by 9:00 of the day on which the rental period expires. The hotel is not bound by the Guest’s request, but will grant the Guest’s wish to prolong the stay depending on room availability.
  5. Remaining in the room or leaving belongings after 10:00 is treated as prolongation of stay. Should the Guest leave the room after 10:00, the Reception has the right to charge a fee for one more night according to the price in force on the day.
  6. The Guest may not hand the room over to other people, even if the period paid for has not elapsed.
  7. Persons who have not checked-in our hotel are allowed to visit the Guest in his/her room from 8:00 to 22:00.
  8. The stay of unregistered persons in the Guest’s room after 22:00 is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to have these people accommodated in his room for a fee. Addition of each person shall take place at the current price of an extra bed for an adult, based on the pricelist available at the reception.
  9. During all stay in the hotel children under the age of 13 have to be under constant care and supervision of an adult.
  10. Children’s behaviour, including damages caused by them, is the responsibility of their legal guardians.
§ 3
  1. In accordance with the law of 8 April 2010 amending the Act on Protection of Health against the Consequences of the Use of Tobacco and Tobacco Products and the Act on State Sanitary inspection (Journal of Law, No. 81, item 529) – there is a total ban on smoking cigarettes and tobacco products on the hotel premises, including hotel rooms, with an exception of designated areas.
  2. Violation of the non-smoking rule in a hotel room is equivalent to the Guest’s consent to cover the costs of dearomatization of the room in the amount of 1000 PLN.
  3. With regards to fire safety it is forbidden to use electric immersion rods or any electric appliances in the rooms and other areas, unless the appliances are the equipment of these rooms. The above provision does not apply to radio, TV and computer chargers and power supplies.
  4. With regards to fire safety it is forbidden to use open fire in any form in the hotel rooms and any other hotel areas.
§ 4
  1. It is obligatory to observe quiet hours in the hotel from 22:00 until 6:00 the following day.
  2. During quiet hours Guests and persons using the hotel services are obliged to behave in such a way that peace of stay of other persons is not disturbed.
  3. The Gust takes full legal and financial responsibility for any damages and destruction of hotel’s equipment and facilities resulting from the Guest’s fault or the Guest’s visitors’ fault.
  4. Whenever leaving the room, the Guest should check and make sure the door is locked.
  5. The Hotel’s liability for losses or damages of items brought into the Hotel by the Guest is regulated by the provisions of Articles 846-‐849 of the Civil Code. The Hotel’s liability is limited, if the items are not deposited at the Reception. The Hotel has the right to refuse to accept for safekeeping money, securities and valuables, in particular jewellery and items of scientific or artistic value, if they threaten the safety or have too high value in relations to the size or standard of the Hotel or if they take occupy too much space.
  6. Any personal belongings left behind in the room by the leaving Guest, will be returned to the appointed address at the Guest’s expense. If such an instruction is not received, the Hotel will store the items for the period of 3 months, and then will give them away to charity or for public use.
§ 5
  1. The Hotel provides services according to its standard. In case of any objections to the quality of its services, the Guest is kindly requested to report them to the Reception, which will allow for action to be taken.
  2. In the event of breach of these Rules and Regulations the Hotel may refuse to provide further services to the person who breaches them. Such a person is obligated to immediately comply with the demands of the hotel Staff, pay the amounts due for the services provided so far, pay for damages if applicable, and leave the hotel premises.
  3. The Hotel may refuse to accept a Guest who grossly breached the Hotel Rules and Regulations during previous stay, afflicting a damage to hotel property or to other Guests, hotel Staff or whoever in the hotel, or who in any other way disturbed the peace in the hotel.